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Jacmel, a little village that starts with a B, water pumps, cisterns, and God's Beautiful Creation

I was invited to go to Jacmel for the weekend with someone and since my plans to go to the beach with some friends didn't pan out I decided to jump on the opportunity. The person I was going with was going to work and since he's an engineer, I thought it would be boring smart people stuff and I'd spend most of my time sitting and reading or something. I sure was wrong!

We had to leave the house by 5am because we had a three hour drive to Jacmel and then another two hours to where the project was. I didn't feel like packing or showering Friday night, so my morning came with a cold shower wake up at 4am followed by overpacking and loading up the truck with tile, a door, wood, paint, clothes, food for us, and some items to give away. Based on what we were taking I still thought it would be boring, but I wanted to see Jacmel.

At 5:15am we passed the first person walking on the side of the road not too far from where I live. In my mind it was still four am and I wondered wh…

My grandpa

This morning we got up before the roosters started crowing to get to a Haitian church service by 6am. I had been before, but each time I am amazed by their worship.

During the service (that I can only understand a word or phrase every now and then), I was convicted of something and felt heavily compelled to pray for my grandpa. The Holy Spirit was definately present even though a different language was being spoken.

My grandpa has not left my thoughts all day and tears have even came muliple times. I wrote in my last blog about visiting the elderly and related that to my grandparents (take time to read it right now if you haven't).

This blog wont' be so much about Haiti like most, but rather about my grandpa. For those of you who don't know, he's fighting cancer and from what we can tell, has almost lost the battle. Being in a whole nother country, I feel helpless. Not that me being there will help anything, its just I really miss him. I want to be there to see him a…

Elder Care and a Visit To Grace Village

This morning I knew the day was going to run a little like the following: Elderly in the morning and Grace Village in the afternoon. Spending time with the elderly is not my passion, its not where my heart lies, and its not something I have spent a lot of time doing before. From teams that have came through in the past weeks, I heard this was an incredible experience. I was up for a new adventure and couldn't wait to experience this part of Healing Haiti.

Our first stop was the Haitian market in Titanyen. I had never walked through one of these, but had seen many from the side or from a distance. This was an experience in itself. Our mission was to buy fruit, vegetables, hot food, and drinks to take to these elderly people. There was so much action going on, goats bleating and sounding like kids crying (their legs were tied up and they were laying on thier side), people where shouting what they had for sale, staring at the blancs, trying to get to where they needed to get to, and…

A day with the Sick and Dying

Today was a bit less exciting than most days I blog about and a whole lot more sad.

Has your skin ever been so dry that all you wanted was some lotion to put moisture back into it?
Have you ever been so sick that you couldn't go anywhere for any length of time and wished for visitors?
Have you ever wanted a massage so badly because your muscles were so tight?

Today, I had the blessing of being all three to many women at the home for sick and dying adults. I had never been here before and didn't really know what to expect, but I was up for a new experience. I was told we were going to rub lotion on these people. I know how to apply lotion, I've been doing that for 20ish years, lets go. The thought was kind of wierd, like we were rubbing up strangers, but I figured they would like it, so I was willing.

The ladies would rearrange their positions to ensure we did not miss any spots. Their frail bodies would make the efforts to lift thier legs or their arms even though we could…