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Having a Mary Heart and a Martha Mind--Reflections hile falling asleep at a slumber party

Sometimes I get crazy ideas in my head. These ideas latch on and every spare minute I’m thinking of them. How can I make it better, what can I do differently, what will other people think, is there anything better on Pinterest, do I have all the supplies?
Last night I had the privilege of sharing my night with four young ladies that reside here at Children of the Promise. 4 girls (staff kids) ages 4-12 spent the night in my apartment with my roommate and I.
We had so much fun—Mod Podge plastic bracelets, seven strand braid yarn bracelets, soap on a rope, making and eating s’mores pie, a movie, and an 8 step spa regimen (including doing nails). 
Every event was carefully planned around the best timing. Supplies were stacked ready to be used. We just needed giggling girls ready for fun.
The girls were ready and the night got started. One project led to another and the night wore on. We settled down for a movie and then took a long time deciding where to sleep. As I laid in my bed, trying t…