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5 months of Updates

Its been a while since I’ve posted a blog, I’m sorry. What has happened in the last five months? Well, a lot. I’ll try to sum it up, but if there is anything you want me to go more in depth about let me know and if I can I will.
To start with, the very end of May an orphanage that I spent a lot of time at when I wasn’t working gained an additional 16 very sick, malnourished, and desperate for love children after their orphanage was closed by the government. They came from very bad conditions—they were fed very little, infants where being eaten alive by rats, they had many different diseases/sicknesses, and were all very hungry and dehydrated. Horrible. I was able to be at the orphanage when the UN escorted these children to us. They came in unsure, scarred, hungry, lonely, and sick. They were not loved where they were before. I’ve cried many times for these kids. How could anyone treat anyone (let alone children) the way these kids where treated? How could any child not know what it w…