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Waving Under the Mango Tree

2013… It feels like it has been the Exodus. Many children have finally been able to go home with their forever family. It is such a blessing to watch the parents and the children unite. To watch them learn to communicate with each other, to watch them bond, and to watch them live out the moment they have been waiting for and praying for, for so long.
A day that their families have waited years for.
A day that begins a life that our children cannot even fathom.
A day of tears of joy.
A day of question from the child.
A day where the child is excited to have someone to call their own.
A day where the child doesn’t really understand what is going on.
A day where we say good bye, never knowing if we will see the child we have loved on again.
A day where their friends wonder where their friends are going.
A day where their friends question when their turn will come.
Each time we stand under the mango tree, waving to a new complete family driving out the gate, a part of us leaves. A pa…