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Update on Tori's Life at COTP

Every other month our adoptive parents recieve updates of their children written mostly by my friend and roomate Carla Lyster. They include medical, birthday, fun antics, stories, and any other special things that happened. Carla decided she should write one for me tonight--here it is. My commentary is added in italicized print.

Tori recently returned to us after a month long stay in the States. It took Tori a few days to readjust to the climate and she has had some trouble adjusting to the noises in her new room. The water pump in particular has caused her some distress, but overall she is adapting well to the new environment. (That water pump is loud and real annoying) Tori is getting along well with her new roommates and generally interacts very well. We are a little concerned about Tori’s spactial ability, as she sometimes tries to put large items in small containers, however we are sure this will improve with practice. (This just happened tonight and they wouldn't even let me …

Carnival in Haiti and finding things to be thankful for when it may be tough

Loud music, people dressed in costumes, parties, over indulgence, lots of money spent, parades, pagents, floats, masked balls, and crazy people.

What does this sound like to you? I'm sure not something that goes on in Haiti, but it does. Right now it is Carnival season here. I'm not going to go into great details, but its like the Haitian Mardi Gras. It starts the end of January and ends on what we know as Fat Tuesday. It usually peaks on weekends, but this week happens to be Carnival week. Schools are not in session, many businesses close down, and everybody is out to party.

Now this sounds fun, right? A party the whole town participates in, I'm in, right? Well, a lot of these parties are not quite what they sound like. I'm sure there are great times had, but this is also when crazy people go out.

Today we went to a hospital in a nearby town to take a baby to get her TB test read. Along the way we encountered a few seats of people blocking the road. They had very d…