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Home Makeover: Life House Edition

This last week we had a team here and their focus was to get things I have wanted (and things I had wished for and never thought would happen) done in the Life House. They were amazing and got so much accomplished.

I realized I have never really shared what the Life House looks like at all, so this post is not only to show off the makeover part, but also to be a tour. Sorry if you have wished to know this for a while and have had to wait in anticipation.

I'll start with what they didn't do. These pictures were taken at night and are pretty real life as to what the end of a long day looks like.

Here is the kitchen from near the door to the house
Here is another view from the other side of the island. Dishes are still drying, breakfast is out for the next day, we fit a lot into a little space as there isn't much room for storage. One thing the team did was build a shelf for under our island so we can store our pots and pans better. 
Here are the doors to the bathrooms. I did…