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So, I guess it is about time I posted in this. I've had it for a couple of months and its been sitting idle.

I've been in Haiti for almost two weeks now. Lots has happened. Lets see (in no real order)...
I've met a lot of people
Learned more Creole
Taught a new project to the seamstresses
Discovered the world of Skype <3
Peeled a coconut with a machete, drank the juice, and ate the hardish stuff inside
Cut a whole bunch of canvas
Ate at a really good bakery
Played with some pretty cool and funny kids
Ate some great meals
Forgot to eat a lot of meals
Got sick
Went to church
Discovered more about myself
Lost any sort of sanitation habbits I had
Wished I had a remote from Click only to mute to the roosters at 3:30am in the morning, luckily I fall right back asleep
Ironed more in the last week and half than I have in my entire life (probably ironed about 50 times more)
Cleaned dog poop off a toddler's foot
Laughed a lot
Cried some
Seen people live in places no human sho…