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My Dad

This week began with prayer. Prayer for my brother-in-law’s paper work for his Visa to go through. Monday evening I rejoiced with him and my sister when I found out all was good. Monday night I played games and laughed for a few hours with six other single females.
Late Monday night I received a Facebook message from my brother saying my dad was on his way to a hospital in the nearest larger city.
My dad had told me he had pain in the back of his knee but was sure it was only a pulled muscle and tried to live his normal life.
That pain in the back of the knee was a blood clot, one that was heading straight for his lungs. He was admitted to the ICU so they could keep a close eye on him and he was told that if he had waited another 24-36 hours it would have been too late.
Too late. My dad would not have been here to walk me down the aisle. He would not have been here to pick me up from the airport whenever I get a chance to fly home. He would not have been here to hug. My chi…