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My Heart for Haiti

My call to missions began in fall of 2010. I had moved Augusta, Georgia in the summer and was trying to find a home church. By early fall I had been dying for a young adult group to get to know people my age and have people to hang out with. I began attending college age group at a church we only went to a few times and we were doing a book study on Radical by David Platt. This book is mission minded and it helped me realize how desperate people in other countries were. He shared stories of his mission trips and I wanted to make an impact like he had. During this study we attended a church during their mission’s emphasis month. Each week they had a different pastor from a different country preach and of course they used stories from their mission field to illustrate. One Sunday morning I began to think about how awesome it would be to be a missionary full time. This thought had NEVER crossed my mind before so I kept it quiet and tucked in the back of my head. One pastor during that mo…


So, I guess it is about time I posted in this. I've had it for a couple of months and its been sitting idle.

I've been in Haiti for almost two weeks now. Lots has happened. Lets see (in no real order)...
I've met a lot of people
Learned more Creole
Taught a new project to the seamstresses
Discovered the world of Skype <3
Peeled a coconut with a machete, drank the juice, and ate the hardish stuff inside
Cut a whole bunch of canvas
Ate at a really good bakery
Played with some pretty cool and funny kids
Ate some great meals
Forgot to eat a lot of meals
Got sick
Went to church
Discovered more about myself
Lost any sort of sanitation habbits I had
Wished I had a remote from Click only to mute to the roosters at 3:30am in the morning, luckily I fall right back asleep
Ironed more in the last week and half than I have in my entire life (probably ironed about 50 times more)
Cleaned dog poop off a toddler's foot
Laughed a lot
Cried some
Seen people live in places no human sho…