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All I Really Want For Christmas

My mom recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I paused for a moment to think and the only thing I could say was families for our kids. Sure I could think of things that I cannot buy here and would appreciate, but none of them compare to knowing that our children have a family anticipating the day they can come spend the rest of their lives with their forever family.
Most of us can think back to our childhood and remember distinct memories of family.
How happy it made us when dad came home from work
How going out to dinner with the family was a special occasion
Fighting with our siblings
Playing games
Going shopping with mom
Building things with dad
Tickle fests
Spending nights at grandma’s house
Getting spoiled by grandparents
Big family get togethers
Parents attending sporting events, musical productions, or awards ceremonies
And so much more…
As an adult I have parents I can call for advice or lean on if I’m in a hard spot. I have siblings I can visit and talk to about whatever comes to …