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Sunday Seven Week 5

This week I decided to use my blog for my Sunday Seven so I could actually post some pictures of my kids.

Every other month we take individual formal photos of our kids. Since I had to find cute outfits for everyone anyway, we took our updated version of a family photo. This picture is definitely staged and  not documentary style, but I waned to share it anyway. This picture makes my kids look like angels and that is not typical everyday life lol. But, this might be the best family picture with 8 kids under 4 4 ever!
I am so thankful for my Ninja blender. I used it 4-5 times a day to blend food for my kids who need that, but more recently I have also been using it to blend food for our littlest guy. This is right after blending up peas, the rest of this tray was later in the week filled with sweet potatoes. 
Here was a cute project we did in preschool this week. We didn't have school in December for many reasons, so we took the month of January to lean about Christmas

Holding Baby…