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Sweet Wadley

Sweet Wadley,

September 12, 2015. Your 5th birthday and the day you got to run into Jesus’ arms.
It wasn’t supposed to go the way it did. We were praying hard for your forever family to find you. We had plans for a beautiful cake and a party on Monday. Instead you got a much better birthday than we could ever have done and a much better family than we ever could have imagined.
I miss your cuddles, the way your arms would fall around my neck when I picked you up and held you just so.
I miss hanging out under the mango tree with you, reading, cuddling, and just talking about what was going on around us.
I miss comforting you when you weren’t feeling well.
I miss greeting you each morning and every time I walk in the door.
I miss rubbing your head and kissing you on the cheek as I leave the house.
I miss helping you do motions to songs in school.
I miss helping you practice sitting up.
I miss helping you color, shake an instrument, or discover a new toy.
I miss watching your eyes follow …